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Get Started

Download GPC Smart App

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1. Download the app

Search for ‘GPC Smart’ on the App Store or GooglePlay.

2. Register Your Free Account

Please use proper names, although they can be fictional. Please do not add information that is illegible (ex. “hasdfghjkl”.) When inputing an address for map purposes, select a “real” address (use a business if you’re not comfortable using your own)

3. Register Your Pet

Please use information that would appear real and accurate. If you select a stock photo, please mark the breed appropriately to best reflect the image. Upload multiple images, and if you’re using your own pet include a close up photo of an eye and their nose. These will serve to test future identification technologies in the future.

4. Mark Your Pet As “Lost”

Go back to your pets profile to mark your pet as lost. You should receive an email from us with step by step instructions on how to help locate your lost pet. Please check your spam folder if you do not see it show up.

5. Check Out The Pet Map – See Your Lost Pet

On the home screen – click on the pet map button at the bottom. Location services must be turned on for an accurate feed, otherwise, it will mark you elsewhere. Your pet must be marked as “lost” to show up on this map (this can be done on your pet profile). If you do not see your pet on the map after marking lost, you may need to zoom out.

6. Lets Find Your Pet

Send an email to [email protected] after marking your pet as lost. Include the following details in your email:

  1. Mention “I have marked my pet as lost”
  2. Include your pets tag ID number that corresponds to your pet profile. We will go in and scan the tag to simulate they’ve been found, and you should receive a notification its been scanned.

7. Bring Your Pet Home

Check the map after your pets ID has been scanned by us. It should show you where they have traveled after being marked lost, and the location of where they’ve been scanned. Again, you may need to zoom out on the map. If you can see the location has moved, go and mark your pet as “found” on their profile.


A: Set up is easy!

  1. Scan
  2. Upload information
  3. Your pet is instantly protected!

Update information as it changes with 24/7 access

A: You register your pet’s information to the tag by tapping the NFC, scanning the QR code with your smartphone, or simply entering the serial number on our app or website.

A: All of your pet’s information & pictures, your contact information, contact information of friends/ family that are authorized to take your pet, veterinary & vaccination records, microchip number, as well as evidence of ownership.

A: They can retrieve your pet’s information and directly contact you in any of the following ways:

  • By tapping an NFC capable smartphone to the tag
  • By scanning the QR code using the phone’s camera
  • Scanning the QR code the individual profile of the pet will come up.
  • Or by entering the serial number on our website or app

Once tapped, scanned, or entered you’ll get an alert with the location of where your pet’s tag was scanned!

A: No, there is no battery required.

A: NFC is a method of wireless data transfer. You can simply tap an NFC enabled phone to the tag to receive the pet’s specific information held in the pet’s profile. Each tag has a unique serial number.

A: Data is stored on the Amazon Cloud, which is renowned for its data security and is vigilant in regard to user privacy.

A: When someone scans your pet’s tag they will have access to your name and phone number. Secondary contacts and veterinarian is not required but recommended.

A: All user information is secure and confidential.

A: Our tags are made from industrial grade, durable and lightweight material with a protective coating.

A: The product has been tested and has high mechanical strength & rigidity. They are resistant to impact, moisture, and chemicals. They are made of naturally resilient materials. Most tags will last the lifetime of the pet unless chewed or lost. If tags are damaged, we will replace them at no cost, you will need to cover shipping and handling.

A: Pets need clear and visible identification with useful information. Up-to-date databases maintain the accuracy of your pet’s information and increase the chances of their return if lost. Without ID, those who find your pet will have no way to notify you.

A: Metal tags are still in use in most jurisdictions. These tags provide limited information and are not stored in a database that crosses municipal boundaries; each one is responsible for its database. As urban sprawl pushes neighborhoods closer together and pets and owners travel, there is a growing need for a unified database and more information on pets and where they belong.

A: No, but once someone scans your pet’s tag the app will map the location of the user’s phone and send you a notification. This way you know where your pet was found.

A: We believe that pets are best protected when they have visible identification and a backup form of identification like a microchip. A microchip requires a specialized reader, whereas a GPC Smart Tag can be readily scanned on any smartphone. Our tag will ensure a pet is Returned to Owner (RTO) quickly to avoid a stressful trip to a shelter. Tags and microchips aren’t substitutes for each other; they’re complementary, and each is useful in locating a lost pet in different ways.


  • Primary Phone # with voicemail, including area code
  • Alternate secondary contacts (Family, neighbor, and friends). Include your veterinarian’s number
  • Microchip Information
  • Recent Pet Photos
  • Proof of ownership records

Include at least one phone number: home, work, or mobile number. List a phone number you are likely to answer or have voicemail enabled. If you have a secondary number, include it too. Include your area code, and if you’re traveling with your pet be sure to add the country code. Don’t forget to verify the contact information.

A: Contacting the owner is one click away. The phone number entered in the profile will be made available once a pet’s tag is scanned.

A: Yes! Your cell phone could be turned off, may not have service, or you may simply not be able to answer. Be sure to include your cell, work, spouse, adult children, friends. You can also add a secondary contact like your vet, groomer, boarding facility/pet sitter, or trainer.

A: Please email [email protected] with your request to delete your account.

A: In the basic information section of your pet’s profile, you can either scan the NFC or the QR code on the tag the same way you set up the tag initially. Then save the changes to the profile to update your pet’s information to the new tag ID.

A: Only you. Your address will default your pet’s location to the address you enter. Other users will only be able to see the previous locations of which your pet’s tag was scanned while being marked as lost.

A: The app only uses your phone’s location services to send the location of a tag when it is scanned.